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viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

Agua, aire, sol y playa. Water, Air, Sun and Beach

Deportes de riesgo respetando el medio-ambiente.

Disfruta la naturaleza -Enjoy Nature

"Surf es vida 3". Film sobre Surf, por Fred Compagnon

    "Surf Is Life 3" FREE SURF FILM by Fred Compagnon

El surfista francés, Fred Compagnon nos transporta, con este corto film, a las bellas costas de Indonesia, junto a su hijo y esposa.

Fred Compagnon, the French FreeSurfer strikes again with new “surf is life” short film.

The Compagnon family are covering any aspect of free surfing : surf, bodyboard, drop knee, longboard, Stand-up paddle as well as the new way he invented to surf with Alaia boards on hollow waves on Indonesian paradise’s best slabs. Fred and his family show that surfing is a real way of life.

Special thanks to Sergio Salgado and Max Tabarez for driving the sup and Poti and Nicolas Brieda from king millenium boat.
Extra Footages filmed by Andrew Mckenna from Bintang boat, Nick Obrian and Vince Timson. 
Riders: Fred Compagnon, Tao Compagnon and Marilys Grimonpont.
Edited by Fred Compagnon.
Sponsors: GoPro, Ari´i Nui, Sniper, Madness, Xsories, Mundaka Optic and Toyota.

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Volando desde montañas....               Flying from the Mountains,,,

Esepctacular caída libre  -   Spectacular Freefall

Espectacular los saltos en caida libre que realizan en este video, a mitad de video podeis sentir en 1º persona lo que pasa cuando estas apunto de saltar al vacio.

Vuelo de Proximidad o Wingsuit  

Wingsuit Proximity Flying - AURA

Much has changed in the past few years of wingsuit design. With the most modern wingsuits, we're flying on terrain that is much flatter than ever before. Visit 

Now the best pilots are buzzing terrain at a glide ratio of 2.5:1, at high speeds and with a comfortable margin. They are also jumping from short, and positive, exit points.
A whole new range of possibilities now exist, and the Aura represents our most advanced suit to date.
The difference in start arc and glide, compared to the Colugo, is not huge - but it is noticeable. The starts are a bit faster, and the glide performance is better. The suit does have more surface area and requires experience and practice to fly well, but overall there is not a big reduction in agility.
The AURA features a slightly different profile in the arm wing, and a small increase in leg wing volume. We've fine-tuned the inlets for this volume and profile change, and added a slightly slicker leading edge design which fits tightly over your arm. The suit is quite comfortable to fly, and you will notice the increase in efficiency.
Overall, the Aura really gives a feeling of smooth power while terrain flying. Thanks to its excellent start, you'll be able to enter your terrain flying line with more altitude -- and when it's time to pull up, the efficiency and power of the Aura gives you an incredible flare, which means you can stay connected longer to your line, and pull higher. We've seen crazy glide figures when pulling out of dives.
The pull is of course very clean - this is a priority for us on all of our suits. Consistent internal arm wing pressure at all angles of attack, combined with the arced wrist and flexible glideskin, means that you can get your PC quickly and safely and then reach your brakes immediately.
The Rapid Arm Deployment allows you to get your hands on your risers before deployment is complete, which can help to prevent line twists and work on canopy malfunctions early - so please practice this skill extensively.
We're really excited about this new suit and we look forward to hearing about your flights with it. From all of our team, thank you for flying Squirrel! We'll see you up there.

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Danny MacAskill

The Ridge

 Danny MacAskill, reconocido especialista en Trial-Bike, nos deslumbra con su calidad y dominio de su bicicleta en este especial video grabado en la Isla de Skye, en la costa oeste de Escocia, 
Gracias a su fama, Danny apareció en el New York Times y en varias otras publicaciones de gran importancia. Luego se incorporó a una producción de Hollywood como doble, apareció en un anuncio del nuevo Volkswagen Golf Estate y se le nominó al Premio Laureus al “Mejor deportista extremo internacional del año”, además del premio al Mejor aventurero del año de National Geographic. Obviamente dejó de trabajar como mecánico de bicicletas y se trasladó a Edimburgo a montar en bici a tiempo completo, un sueño hecho realidad.

The Ridge is the brand new film from Danny Macaskill... For the first time in one of his films Danny climbs aboard a mountain bike and returns to his native home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland to take on a death-defying ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline.

Explore mountain biking in Scotland here:

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